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About us

ShadowEdge Security Consulting (SES) was founded by Scott A Schacht. Scott is a former police officer and US Federal Law Enforcement Agent with 20 years experience. He is also an accomplished helicopter and airplane pilot.

Scott’s career started in local law enforcement, where he made the rank of detective within a year and a half of service. He completed his Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice and Aero Space Science at Metropolitan State College of Denver. He worked with the US Drug Enforcement Administration, assigned to Group One for several years where he investigated complex criminal networks and was an instructor to federal, state and local law enforcement. During this time he provided training for Clandestine Laboratory Raid Planning/Safety Certification under the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas program (HIDTA). He worked with and managed a 1.5 million dollar budget and trained over 300 law enforcement officers. He served as an instructor for airborne surveillance and marijuana eradication, and he worked extensively with the marijuana eradication programs in Northern California and Hawaii.

Scott is a big proponent to the “Say No to Drug” campaign and “Red Ribbon Week” honoring fallen DEA Agent Enrique (“KiKi”) Camarena. He often flew DEA’s helicopter to local schools to speak to kids on drug awareness and safety.

He left the drug enforcement arena after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to pursue a more active role in preventing terrorism. In February 2008, Scott moved his federal career over to the US Federal Air Marshal Service where he flew 1000s of missions throughout the world. He continued his education to pursue a Masters Degree in Corporate Security Management and Business.

Still wanting to have a more active role in preventing terrorism, he left the federal service in February 2002 to work with the US Marines in Iraq. He worked under a Department of Defense contract as a special staff officer to the Commander of Regimental Combat Team 1 and 5, in the Anbar Province (Iraqs “wild west”) where he was engaged in several operations and worked often with US Military Special Operations, Iraqi military, their chiefs of police and their courts. Along with fellow law enforcement professionals and USMC JAG, Scott helped to develop Iraq’s first “witness protection program.” He conducted several investigations into direct terrorist acts against US military personnel, and he actively advised and assisted in interrogations bringing several insurgents to justice. In addition, he provided training to the US Marines on personal protective security, combat profiling and counter insurgency. During this time he made many lifelong friends, and he often remarks that his job allowed him to work with some of the finest men and women in the world.

When Scott left Iraq, he decided to open ShadowEdge Security Consulting to capitalize on his extensive training and world wide experience. Throughout his career Scott has kept in contact with US government and military officials, as well as foreign government officials with whom he had the pleasure of working. Indeed all of this experience has allowed SES to take on the challenging assignments that most security firms only read about. Knowing the people or the “lay of the land” in domestic or foreign places can be an enormous benefit for escorting high profile individuals/VIPs or even getting entertainers through foreign customs. Knowing how things work is a big benefit to the client, as it can ease or eliminate any misunderstandings with foreign officials. SES takes great pride in providing their clients with the highest level of confidence and convenience in security/protection, and we do so at reasonable rates.

SES employs the finest professionals who are often considered experts in their field. Most of our personnel currently hold or have held US government top secret clearances, and they come from the US Secret Service, DEA, FBI, US Customs and Border Protection, IRS, CIA and US military special operations.