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SES employ’s proven agents who are considered experts in their field.

Our investigators include retired police and US federal agents whose backgrounds range from US Drug Enforcement (DEA), Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), US Customs/Border Patrol, Secret Service and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). These highly trained investigators have extensive experience (some with 30+ yrs. of experience) in the corroboration of information obtained from the individual, friends/coworkers/neighbors/acquaintances/confidential informants, character references, federal and local governments records, credit bureaus and a multitude of other resources. They are meticulous about accuracy, and have expertise in identifying salient areas/activities that warrant more in-depth inquiry. They are well versed in applying key quality control mechanisms in both their pursuit and their evaluation of information.

Our investigators have held or currently do hold US Government security clearances, and they are also experienced at testifying in state, federal and in foreign courts.

Whether it is a complex investigation or a routine audit of your corporate information, the work is timely and the integrity of the investigation is safe. The results of all investigations are held confidentially between you and the investigator.